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Welcome to the Phished Academy: class is in session

Starting today, the Phished Academy opens its doors to all new and current clients. Offering tailored and in-depth anti-phishing training hand in glove with our existing, personalised phishing simulations, your coworkers will be more prepared than ever when faced with phishing attacks.



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Life at Phished: potential combined with maturity

Working for a start-up offers many advantages: from a creative approach to extensive experimentation, everyone will find something to their liking at Phished. Three (possibly future) colleagues explain why it could be something for you.

From 50% phished to 5%: how Phished works and why

Any company that starts with the Phished platform often scores ‘high’ on the initial baseline measurement – up to 50% success rate. After one year, Phished manages to reduce this to less than 5%. How do we do that and why is it so efficient?

Why you should try phishing your colleagues

Practice makes perfect and it’s no different for cybersecurity. Those who never come into contact with digital threats will not recognise them when they come face to face with them.

Bringme Saves A Lot Of Time And Frustration Thanks To Phished

Since the beginning of the Phished simulations, clear progress has been made at Bringme. In recent simulations, the phishing rate was only 5% on average. But that was not the case at the beginning.

Even Highly Trained Employees Can Get Phished: Ipcos

After an initial baseline measurement, Ipcos came to a remarkable conclusion: almost half of their highly trained employees were susceptible to phishing. Barely four months later, this figure was down to 13%.

Phishing trends: Are your suppliers an unexpected security risk?

Phishing trends: Are your suppliers an unexpected security risk?

Ebook - How phishing is costing UK companies millions

An end to pride and prejudice: everyone is susceptible to phishing

Getting hacked only happens to the ill-advised or the low-skilled? Cybersecurity specialist Arnout Van de Meulebroucke speaks from experience when he says: “It will happen to you.”

Ransomware: cure is better than prevention?

Why bother to prevent ransomware and other digital threats when insurance companies are prepared to mitigate any damages? Because it is a bad idea to take no precautions at all.

CEO Fraud: phishing at C-level

Is the CEO of your company the weakest cybersecurity link? Recent trends seem to suggest as much. Why is that and what can be done against CEO Fraud?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the perfect phishing storm

It is the end of November. That means avid holiday shoppers are reaching for their wallets. Each year Black Friday and Cyber Monday grow in popularity, but cyber criminals are rapidly becoming fans as well. And this year it is worse than ever.

Why 88% of cyberattacks are aimed at the healthcare industry

Organisations in the healthcare industry are not sufficiently prepared to deal with cyberattacks. Hospitals are at risk, but retirement homes are as well: phishing ails everyone.

Even experts fear 'spear phishing'

Computer scientist Jeroen Baert is certain: everyone can be targeted by hackers. Even the experts who know how spear phishing works.

Phishing: a real threat for your organisation

Phishing is a dangerous form of cybercrime that cannot be detected by regular antivirus software and potentially has serious consequences for your organisation. Alert employees who recognize phishing signals are the only and best defence.

I have been Phished! What to do?

In recent years the number of phishing attacks has increased enormously, and according to some reliable sources this number even doubles every year. This of course results in more and more people being phished, but what do you actually have to do if (you think) you have become a victim of Phishing?

Crisis communication after a phishing attack

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media, and has been so for a while now. Everyone thinks that a major attack will not happen to them, but what if it does happen to you as a company? Then you certainly need one thing to save your reputation as a company: a well thought-out crisis communication plan. But how do you deal with that in concrete terms?

What is PHAAS?

Phishing As A Service (PHAAS) is a service that teaches your employees how to deal with phishing efficiently and safely.

Misunderstandings about phishing

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media and rightly so! However because of all this attention, there are often misunderstandings about phishing. Using this post, we would like to resolve a few of these misunderstandings.

Fight Covid-19 like a computer virus

The Covid-19 virus is tormenting the world. Can we learn anything from fighting computer viruses to overcome this Corona crisis? It seems that both require a very similar strategy.

The Facebook leak is a problem for businesses: how do you protect your organisation?

The major Facebook leak, in which millions of Belgian personal data were freely available online, constitutes a great danger for companies: the man in the street, whose data was now made public, is after all also an employee within your organisation. What exactly are the increased risks for your company and what measures can you take as an employer?

Ebook - 10 Phishing facts all your employees should know

How Phished enables safe hybrid working for Fost Plus

The corona pandemic caused a plague of phishing attacks - a virus that Fost Plus did not want to fall victim to. They turned to Phished for a solution and managed to track down and fortify their vulnerabilities.

Efficiently Training Large Enterprises In Constant Flux: VRT

As a large, dynamic company, VRT needed a scalable solution to train its employees thoroughly in cybersecurity topics. The flexibility of Phished also makes it possible to efficiently train temporary employees and 'guest employees'.

UZA hospital: Phished at the centre of security strategy

Hospitals and healthcare institutions are increasingly being targeted by large-scale cyberattacks. Against this background, the UZA joined forces with Phished, to guarantee cyber awareness training for all employees.

What is an internal phishing campaign?

Cybersecurity comes in different forms. To prepare your employees as thoroughly as possible for every conceivable risk, it is best to use different tactics. An internal phishing campaign is a powerful example.

What is phishing?

5 tips to create a robust cybersecurity culture in your organisation

Taking a ‘people first’ approach and creating a strong cybersecurity culture in an organisation with thorough cybersecurity awareness, training, and education prevents human errors and leads to a robust defence.

How general hospital Jan Portaels ensures healthy digital security

Partly thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, cybersecurity as a topic is alive among the highest ranks of AZ (General Hospital) Jan Portaels. However, during a baseline measurement it became clear that the hospital staff could still use some help. Phished helps the organisation navigate through its cybersecurity roadmap.

What is vishing?

When phishing is done by phone, it is called vishing. How do you recognise it and how best to deal with it?

Flexible Income Plan: choose your own benefits

Phished recently introduced the Flexible Income Plan for its employees. What exactly is 'FIP' and why is it perfect for a fast-growing company like Phished? Our HR expert explains.

What is anti-phishing training?

Phished offers businesses and (public) organisations the tools to train their employees in cybersecurity topics and to give them a greater awareness of the digital dangers. An important aspect of this is anti-phishing training.

What is smishing?

Phishing does not always happen by e-mail. When it occurs as a text message on your smartphone, it is called smishing. We dive deeper into what it is, how you recognise it and what you can do about it.

What is social engineering?

Every phishing attack has the same basis: 'social engineering'. What is it, how do you recognize it and how do you protect yourself from it? And what does Leonardo DiCaprio have to do with it?

The rise of smishing and vishing

In recent years, more and more people have fallen prey to smishing and vishing. Why is this the case, how do smishers and vishers operate, and how did three blind vishers fool the Israeli army? All will be revealed in this blog post.

Cybersecurity Awareness: a Must-Have for Every Company

The majority of successful phishing attacks happen due to human error. A company can arm itself and its employees against this in many ways. Cybersecurity awareness is indispensable for this.

ISO certification: One step ahead of the competition

The ISO 27001 standard provides proof that as a company you are taking the necessary steps to protect the data of your customers and your employees. What does it entail, what are the benefits, and what conditions do you need to meet to get ISO 27001 certificated? And how does Phished help you become compliant automatically?

How to keep working remotely safe

Despite the world slowly moving back to normal, remote working is here to stay. Companies and employees alike have discovered the benefits of remote working, but is online working from home safe?

The life of a student worker at Phished

During the month of July, I did a content marketing internship at Phished. I wrote more than 200 phishing simulations and a few articles, learned all about cybersecurity and discovered a knack for predicting the future.

The 6 most effective tips to prevent a (new) phishing attack on your business

Even before your company is phished, you need to take action. What steps should you take and how can you prevent this from happening (again)? Phishing expert Arnout Van de Meulebroucke provides six tips.

How to create your own Human Firewall

Phished helps you build your own Human Firewall, but what does that mean, and why is it important?

How do hackers get their hands on your personal data?

For years, cybercrime has been evolving to steal personal data as efficiently as possible. How exactly do hackers do this?

How Phished uses email templates to make your company safer

If you want to train your employees to be better equipped to deal with phishing attacks, you’re going to have to use cybersecurity microlearnings and anti-phishing training on a regular basis in order to achieve the best results.

5 biggest phishing attacks in world history

You might think that phishing only occurs in small companies because they’re much more fragile than big tech companies like Facebook and Google. However, you could not be further from the truth. Big tech companies are just as vulnerable to phishing as small companies and here are 5 prime phishing attack examples:

Ebook - 19 Do’s & Don’ts for a successful internal phishing campaign

A day in the Sales life at Phished

Working at Phished: a look behind the scenes

Why not all your employees should be account administrators

You’d think it’s easy: you provide all of your employees with administrator rights to their accounts and they will not disturb you every time they want to download a file or change a setting. But no convenience will ever make up for the dangers that lie with giving everyone full access to their account. Here’s why granting every employee admin rights is synonymous to cyberattacks and data leaks.

Simulated Phishing Training

The ultimate guide to your internal anti-phishing campaign: from start to finish

What you (should) not do if you want your anti-phishing training to be a success

Executing an anti-phishing campaign within your company is the first step in making your employees more alert to cyber threats, but how do you execute this campaign exactly? A thoughtless anti-phishing training program can do more harm than good. It is therefore crucial to use the right strategies when training your employees to recognise phishing emails.

The future of the cybersecurity industry

Why cyberattacks are not going anywhere

From indulgences to pyramid schemes: scams that prey on human tendencies have been around for ages. And they are here to stay.

Welcome to the new and improved Phished Academy: discover all new features

A little later than traditional schools, Phished today opens the doors of the renewed Phished Academy. In light of European Cybersecurity Month, we are launching an improved experience, with more in-depth training methods and more options for account administrators.


How to prevent email spoofing and protect your brand

Protect your domain against spoofing, because Microsoft and Google don't do it automatically

2021 Phishing Vulnerability Report

The most dangerous hacker: your colleague

Chinese or Russian hackers may be targeting your data, but they are far from the only or even the most important threat to your company's cyber security. Most organisations fall victim to considerably more mundane techniques such as social engineering via phishing, or even insider threads. In the latter case, the threat comes from within, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your business has to contend with a malicious mole. Nonchalance or ignorance are just as great risks. How do you arm your organisation and your employees against this?

Follow a day in the life of a Partnership Manager

Why The Security Factory changed partners for Security Awareness Training

Nico Cooman is a partner at The Security Factory, a Managed Services Provider that focuses on ethical hacking, pen testing and cybersecurity consultancy. In the past, the human factor also received attention, but today The Human Firewall is a much more central aspect of its offering.

Experts celebrate Phished with 2 awards: 'Best-Of Phishing Simulation' and 'Best-Of Security Awareness Training'

Cybersecurity review platform Expert Insights awards Phished no less than two awards.

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How Kinepolis reduced phishing clicks by 76% using Phished

Kinepolis - a global brand in the cinema and film experience market - was faced with two major challenges: protecting thousands of employees and securing millions of pieces of customer data. The Phished platform tackled these challenges quickly and easily, with measurable results.

Why WDOIT promotes Phished as Enterprise-level solution for SMB’s

When customers are faced with successful cyber attacks - despite traditional precautions - it is time to try something more powerful. WDO IT, a Dutch partner for SME's, took action by partnering up with Phished.

Protect your business with smishing simulations

A strong cybersecurity training covers as many ways as possible in which your colleagues can be attacked. That is why Phished now offers smishing as an integrated part of the 360° training platform. In the video below, cybersecurity advisor Ashley explains how to set up a smishing campaign.

Protection instead of punishment: why Fusion Markets thrives with Phished

As a retail-focused fintech broker, Fusion Markets is highly dependent on data. In order to keep their data, employees and clients safe, they decided to partner with Phished to take care of their Security Awareness Training.

Caught in the phishing trap? Here’s how Carconnex solved that

Carconnex, a major European B2B car importer, never expected to lose money in a cyberattack. When it did happen, it became obvious why a premium service should go hand in glove with premium phishing training for their staff. They partnered with Phished, and results were immediate.

Smartphoto’s phishing rate decreased from 40% to 4.5% in under one year

Smartphoto is an e-commerce company that offers its photo printing services in 12 European countries. Amongst the many emails that their customer service department processes everyday, phishing mails are rife. In the past, they were on the end of a successful ransomware attack, which immediately created a need for some specialised Security Awareness Training to help all 180 of their employees. A piece of cake for the Phished platform.

Product Overview

Traditional cybersecurity training leaves the door open for hackers

Cybersecurity training is only effective if employees can remember it. Unfortunately, this is rarely, if ever the case. Even 150 years later, 19th-century psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus can still explain why your employees will let hackers in if they are not structurally trained.

Upselling IT services: how Phished helps ConXioN

Phished takes over ConXioN’s workload and helps to upsell their service offering, while the partner frees up time and focus to nourish customer relationships and prove their value. Here is how we do it.

Zurich International School increased their cybersecurity without burdening their IT team

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting schools such as Zurich International School. They initially responded by providing cybersecurity info sessions for their staff on an ad hoc basis. However, a worrying security review made it clear that this was not enough.

Cybersecurity company Phished receives €7.5 million in backing from Welvaartsfonds

Behavioral Risk ScoreTM predicts the likelihood of hacking due to human error

How Cloudwise is making hundreds of Dutch schools cyber-conscious with Phished

Cloudwise started as a digital learning platform for educational institutions, but in the meantime has emerged as an all-encompassing IT service provider that counts on Phished’s tools to take charge of the cybersecurity aspects.

Information Security Officer & System Administrator

Responsible Disclosure Policy

German-speaking International Partnership Manager

Enhancing cybersecurity training and easing IT workload: A success story with Phished

The ecologically inspired home store sought a way to train employees in cybersecurity while alleviating IT workload. Phished was the answer.

How Mosaic CS turns compliancy into security with Phished for its customers

Phishing training is not required by law in the United States. And yet, it ranks among the top sellers at Mosaic CS. “It’s because Phished offers excellent service, a quality solution and a guaranteed reduction in cyber incident risks for both its partners and our customers.”

Experienced Product Designer


Caught in the phishing trap? Here’s how Carconnex solved that

Carconnex, a major European B2B car importer, never expected to lose money in a cyberattack. When it did happen, it became obvious why a premium service should go hand in glove with premium phishing training for their staff. They partnered with Phished, and results were immediate.

Royal Mencap explains why Phished is essential for enterprise organisations’ cybersecurity

Royal Mencap is a UK charity for people with a learning disability. “People sometimes think that we’re safe from cyberattacks, but unfortunately hackers don’t appear to blink twice at stealing from people who really need it,” says Andy Bone, Head of Cyber, Information, Security & Privacy (CISP). “Since we have access to money and a lot of sensitive information, we decided to train our employees and volunteers.”

With Phished, Acces Industrie keeps its employees engaged in cybersecurity training.

A recent security audit at Acces Industrie, a specialist in sales and rentals of aerial work platforms and elevators, revealed a susceptibility to spear phishing. This underscored the necessity for a robust cybersecurity policy: prompt recognition and neutralisation of phishing attacks are essential for the continuous protection of company data.

With Phished, Acces Industrie now efficiently meets its cybersecurity policy standards, engaging its employees in a holistic training and improving their security awareness.

4 Cybersecurity trends for which you need to prepare in 2023

Is your cybersecurity strategy prepared to take on 2023? Every year brings new trends, threats, hypes and hoaxes. Let’s take a look at what you need to prepare for as soon as possible.