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Phished focuses on the human side of cybersecurity. The AI-driven training software combines personalised, realistic phishing simulations with the educational program of the Phished Academy. This way, your employees are qualified to correctly and safely deal with online threats. Because employees are better prepared and more secure, the data, reputation and assets of organisations are more secure as well.

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Over 90% of cybersecurity breaches are directly related to a human error.

Organisations invest many resources into setting up a state-of-the-art defense, yet they often neglect the biggest risk: their own employees. Any employee that doesn’t know how to effectively recognise cyberattacks is a potential zero-day vulnerability. By creating more cybersecurity awareness amongst your employees, and offering phishing awareness training, your organisation is more secure.

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Our product

Automated, AI-driven and personalised cybersecurity simulations and training

Phishing Simulations

Tailor-made simulated phishing training, based on individual knowledge and experience.

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Phished Academy

Microlearnings on a broad range of cybersecurity topics, including phishing awareness training.

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Engage your employees in the security of their organisation.


In-depth analysis of your organisation’s weak spots and how to improve upon them. Break down your internal phishing campaign and help your co-workers improve.

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Our Approach to Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Studies show that employees receiving monthly cybersecurity microlearnings and anti-phishing training, are better prepared when facing actual threats.

Those who receive yearly training forget all of it within the first 6 months.

84% Estimates show that the amount of phishing attacks increase every year, with at least 84%.

50% Organisations that start using Phished show phishing rates of up to 50%.

5% Click rate drops dramatically: from 50% phished to under 5% in 12 months.

Is your company protected against cyberattacks?

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What our customers say

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Wim Wauterickx - VRT - Belgian National Broadcasting Station


Criminals who would have access to our platforms, have access to national information distribution. Phished helps us prevent fake news.

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Bjorn Vandecraen - Ipcos

APC Technology Developer

Thanks to Phished, cyber awareness has already increased significantly and the number of successful phishing simulations has decreased.

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Jonathan Bruck - Anne Frank Trust UK

Director of resources

Too often you see organisations being hit by phishing before they take steps. We try to break the human, reactive reflex by working proactively.

Bringme box
Sil Goeman - Bringme

IT Manager

For us, automation is clearly the biggest advantage of working with Phished. Bringme has already made a lot of progress.

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Jeroen Van de Sande - Fost Plus

IT Manager

We prefer to tackle potential risks rather than wait for one to really strike. With the corona crisis, we saw the volume of phishing emails increase so we chose to act. Phished made it possible to do so efficiently and effectively.

Filip Goyens - UZA - Antwerp University Hospital


By using Phished, we are truly taking our responsibility. We can now react more quickly if we notice that an employee needs extra support.