Automated Phishing Simulations

Phishing awareness training

Personalized AI-driven phishing simulations that train every recipient in recognizing all possible phishing attacks based on their knowledge level.

Fully automated simulations

Upload your employees and immediately start sending personalized simulations without needing manual interventions.

Different types of phishing attacks

Spear phishing, CEO fraud, NSFW, industry-related, job related, your own company templates… and even smishing!


Each employee receives continuous and gradually more difficult training with simulations adapted to every employee’s personal skill level.

Over 90% of destructive cyberattacks are directly related to human errors.

Organizations invest many resources in setting up a state-of-the-art defense, yet they often neglect the biggest threat: their own employees. Any employee that doesn’t know how to effectively recognize cyberattacks is a potential zero-day vulnerability.

People, people, people

Employees are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. In 2020 alone, they have caused several millions worth of damages due to negligence.


What We Do

Phished offers a SaaS solution that can be used by any type of company or organisation. The only prerequisite is that you use email.

Automated phishing simulations

Upload your employees in our tool and start sending phishing simulations. Employees are trained by our automated tool that automatically chooses between one of over 5000 simulations.

Manual simulations

Sometimes it is necessary to send emails with certain content that only relates to your company. Create a manual simulation with our advanced editor. 

Advanced reporting

Keep an eye on the status of all your employees individually, each department, each location and your organization as a whole.

Our Approach to Cybersecurity



You can have the best systems in place and warn your employees about every possible threat but unfortunately most cyberattacks always start with malicious emails.

90% of security breaches start with an employee mistake.

Real-life attacks

We believe that effective cybersecurity can only be realised by exposing people to real-life attacks so they learn to identify even the most sophisticated phishing attacks.

Become a phishing expert

Our AI-driven algorithm generates an individual training program for each employee to make sure that everyone receives training on his own individual level. Gradual improvements will make sure that every recipient eventually becomes a phishing expert.

Do you think you are a phishing expert?

Do the test and play our facts & figures test.

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