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Case study

How Kinepolis reduced phishing clicks by 76% using Phished

Kinepolis - a global brand in the cinema and film experience market - was faced with two major challenges: protecting thousands of employees and securing millions of pieces of customer data. The Phished platform tackled these challenges quickly and easily, with measurable results.

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After being active on the Phished platform for more than a year, Bjorn Van Reet, CIO at Kinepolis, analyses their positive experience: "From one in three phished employees, we reached our target of consistently achieving a phishing score below 10% after just two months."

Protecting employees and customers

As a global player with cinemas in nine countries and thousands of employees, the chain faces a challenge that cannot be underestimated. "It is already quite a task to maintain the technical security of our various branches, but on top of that, there is of course the human factor. Firewalls and other hardware security can be controlled, but people remain an unpredictable factor."

"We therefore quickly realised that, in addition to technical measures, we had to focus on securing our people. Our Board of Advisors, which includes many cybersecurity experts, therefore advised us to take a look at the Phished solution."

The training for our employees is very qualitative and this is reflected in the reporting: thanks to the comprehensive reports, you can easily follow - and prove - the ROI.

Why Kinepolis relies on Phished

Fully automated, creative and unique phishing campaigns
Measurable ROI that is quickly and clearly visualised
Recommended by the Kinepolis Board of Advisors, consisting of cybersecurity experts
From 34% phished at baseline test to 8% in just 2 months

No more manual work

"At that time, we were already using another platform for 'Security Awareness Training', but we noticed that it required a great deal of manual effort to maintain those campaigns. Our IT people had to set up the simulations and run them, with the risk that the impact would be minimal. When the recipients, our employees, received these simulations, they immediately alerted their colleagues. You learn very little that way."

An initial phishing test for all Kinepolis employees using the Phished platform immediately revealed that one in three was susceptible to phishing, despite the efforts already made. The goal of the cooperation with Phished was to get this 'phishing score' consistently below 10% within a year, which was successful.

"We reached our goal after just a few months. Today, we have a phishing score of 8%, which means we have exceeded expectations. What's more, this is done with a fully automated solution, leaving our IT staff free to solve other problems."

Measurable ROI

In addition to automation, Kinepolis was also looking for more creativity and personalisation in the training of its employees. Did you succeed? "Completely. Phishing simulations are adapted to the profile of the recipients, they are sent out based on their behaviour and there is much more variety and creativity in the messages our employees receive."

"In addition, Phished works with all the best practices and is always integrating new knowledge into its platform, so as an administrator you feel that you are always working with an up-to-date product."

"Finally, the training for our employees is very qualitative and you can see that in the reporting: thanks to the extensive reports, you can easily follow - and prove - the ROI. We are therefore happy to continue our collaboration with Phished; the platform has proven its worth."