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Case study

Why The Security Factory changed partners for Security Awareness Training

Nico Cooman is a partner at The Security Factory, a Managed Services Provider that focuses on ethical hacking, pen testing and cybersecurity consultancy. In the past, the human factor also received attention, but today The Human Firewall is a much more central aspect of its offering.

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From manual work to fully automated

"In 2020, we switched from a previous partner in security awareness training to the Phished platform. Until then, we had to set up phishing simulations ourselves, send them to individual users, analyse the data they yielded and finally link a consequence to it: whoever fell for the simulation had to receive extra training."

Because the awareness section demanded so much time from both The Security Factory and their clients, Nico started looking for a solution that could take as much of the manual work off their hands as possible. "This is how we came to Phished. The fact that the 'everyday work' of sending simulations was fully automated was exactly what we were looking for. Moreover, we were impressed with the AI, which delivers a personalised approach per user."

"We often used to work with manual phishing simulations, which meant most of our labour went into that. Today we can focus on the relationship with the customer and the manual work is taken over by the AI-driven platform."

What Phished means for TSF

Set it up-forget it solution: no manual intervention required after set-up
Extensive automation ensures easy sales and roll-out to new customers
The Security Factory determinedly chose the Phished platform, which is smarter and delivers better results than the previous partner

A machine that keeps on running

Since it started working with Phished, The Security Factory has seen its potential market grow. "Our customers increasingly realise that, besides the technical side, it is also necessary to protect their employees. With Phished, this can be done quickly and easily, without them having to do any work themselves. For them, it is a machine that keeps running, once it has been put into operation. Set it up-forget it."

Truly the best price

"In negotiations with prospects, we always notice that the demonstrable Return On Investment (ROI) really appeals to potential customers: within a year, their 'phishing rate' is guaranteed to drop below 5%. With Phished, we offer them constant training and education at the Phished Academy, while our proposal always remains affordable. This way, even larger companies are tempted to finally start training their employees.

Driven by collaboration

"One of the biggest advantages of our cooperation is that Phished is really a partner, not just a supplier. Some time ago, we worked for a large customer using manual simulations, for a period of three years. After the first year, however, we lost the licence on that tool, which meant that it would suddenly cost us twenty times more to service that customer - a heavy loss.

"Phished was immediately willing to help us, and together we were able to convince the customer that constant training would yield more than a few organised single shots. A large, unwieldy organisation was so convinced that it was willing to redraw its entire plan to make it happen. Phished has proven that it is ready for its partners; they have earned our respect."