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Enhancing cybersecurity training and easing IT workload: A success story with Phished

The ecologically inspired home store sought a way to train employees in cybersecurity while alleviating IT workload. Phished was the answer.

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Dille & Kamille is a home store selling items for the garden, kitchen, and everything in between, enjoying a powerful reputation in Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. A baseline measurement with Phished revealed the organization's vulnerability to phishing messages and the need for additional training for its employees.

Why Dille & Kamille chose Phished

Personalised training for the staff
Reduction of IT department workload
Revealing serious issues through a baseline measurement

Phished was the top choice

"For our cybersecurity training, we were looking for specific parameters," says Jasmin Rozendaal, IT Business Consultant at Dille & Kamille. "Our employees couldn't spend too much time on it, the training had to be as automated as possible, and it must not burden our overburdened IT department further."

Dille & Kamille compared Phished with some competitors and quickly chose Phished. Rozendaal says, "Initially, we were simply curious about our employees' knowledge of cyber threats. Phished's baseline measurement quickly revealed the urgent need for improvement. Our impression of the Phished platform was so positive that we were convinced it was the solution to help our employees."

Fully automated training

Before implementing Phished, Dille & Kamille's IT department was regularly inundated with (potential) dangerous emails. "Employees reported many messages, but often there were also 'normal' messages among them. Our employees wasted a lot of time analysing all those messages, and awareness was even worse," says Rozendaal.

"With the implementation of Phished, this now happens automatically, allowing our IT staff to focus on other matters," adds Rozendaal.

"The baseline measurement quickly revealed the urgent need for improvement. We were convinced that the Phished platform could help our employees."


Dille & Kamille chose Phished for its effective, automated solution to an underlying problem. The company now has more insights into workplace issues and hazards. The Phished platform addresses these risks and provides straightforward, time-saving training for all employees.