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Case study

Why WDOIT promotes Phished as Enterprise-level solution for SMB’s

When customers are faced with successful cyber attacks - despite traditional precautions - it is time to try something more powerful. WDO IT, a Dutch partner for SME's, took action by partnering up with Phished.

"An IT administrator is increasingly becoming a security advisor," says Clem van Arcken, Sales Manager at WDO IT. As an IT partner for SMEs, they were increasingly asked for Security Awareness Training - the much-needed addition to traditional, technical security measures.

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Scalable service

"We are increasingly being asked by our customers whether there are also possibilities for them - smaller companies - to start extensive cybersecurity training," says Van Arcken. "We regularly hear stories from customers who are hacked, even though they have already taken traditional courses such as seminars and one-offs on phishing. So that clearly doesn't work."

WDO IT started looking for a suitable partner who was able to provide quality training on a smaller scale. "As a partner for smaller companies, it was of course the intention to keep the solution scalable, so that it would also be an efficient solution for us," says Van Arcken. "That is how we ended up with Phished. Thanks to the automated aspect of the platform, we can offer the same care for larger and smaller customers, without wasting energy."

Once the Phished AI is running at full speed, it will always keep working, delivering results

Ease of use comes first

"The ultimate goal of a partner is to attract as many customers as possible - and to offer them all the same quality," Van Arcken believes. "As a partner, you want to achieve that without immersing yourself in time-consuming, manual phishing simulations or training. Phished was a perfect match for our needs.

WDO IT also looked at competitors, but for Van Arcken the choice was quickly made: "Phished does customer management on the platform just so well. It is very convenient to use, both for new customers and for those where we have already set up Phished. Once the Phished AI is up and running, it always keeps working and delivers results. Win-win for ourselves and for our customers."

Easy reporting

Finally, WCO IT discovered the convenience of the reporting module: "For the first time, we can offer cybersecurity to our customers and comprehensively demonstrate its positive impact. A firewall gives you numbers about its efficiency, but says nothing about how people react to it. Now we can show our customers where they stand and the return on their investment. They love it."

Why WDO IT chose Phished:

Scalable solution for both smaller and larger customers thanks to automation
Extensive SAT of the highest quality
Ease of use for account administrators
Reporting tools that clearly demonstrate ROI

Curious about what Phished can do for your organisation and your customers? Contact our Partnership Managers and they will be happy to give you a demo.