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What is phishing?

Phishing simulations

What is phishing?

Simulated Phishing Training

Misunderstandings about phishing

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media and rightly so! However because of all this attention, there are often misunderstandings about phishing. Using this post, we would like to resolve a few of these misunderstandings.

Why phishing is a problem

Ebook - Phishing in Education

10 phishing facts all your employees should know

Even experts fear 'spear phishing'

Computer scientist Jeroen Baert is certain: everyone can be targeted by hackers. Even the experts who know how spear phishing works.

What is anti-phishing training?

Phished offers businesses and (public) organisations the tools to train their employees in cybersecurity topics and to give them a greater awareness of the digital dangers. An important aspect of this is anti-phishing training.

What is an internal phishing campaign?

Cybersecurity comes in different forms. To prepare your employees as thoroughly as possible for every conceivable risk, it is best to use different tactics. An internal phishing campaign is a powerful example.

8 Ways to recognize Phishing Emails

Phishing mails are getting smarter and more credible by the day. That is why it is vital to recognize them, before they pose a threat to you or your company.

How phishing is costing UK companies millions

Phishing: a real threat for your organisation

Phishing is a dangerous form of cybercrime that cannot be detected by regular antivirus software and potentially has serious consequences for your organisation. Alert employees who recognize phishing signals are the only and best defence.

5 biggest phishing attacks in world history

You might think that phishing only occurs in small companies because they’re much more fragile than big tech companies like Facebook and Google. However, you could not be further from the truth. Big tech companies are just as vulnerable to phishing as small companies and here are 5 prime phishing attack examples:

CEO Fraud: phishing at C-level

Is the CEO of your company the weakest cybersecurity link? Recent trends seem to suggest as much. Why is that and what can be done against CEO Fraud?

Crisis communication after a phishing attack

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media, and has been so for a while now. Everyone thinks that a major attack will not happen to them, but what if it does happen to you as a company? Then you certainly need one thing to save your reputation as a company: a well thought-out crisis communication plan. But how do you deal with that in concrete terms?

Phishing in education: why hackers love to teach schools a lesson

Ebook - 10 Phishing facts all your employees should know

Why you should try phishing your colleagues

Practice makes perfect and it’s no different for cybersecurity. Those who never come into contact with digital threats will not recognise them when they come face to face with them.

How to prevent a new phishing attack on your business

If your company has been phished, you need to take action. What steps should you take and how can you prevent this from happening again? Phishing expert Arnout Van de Meulebroucke provides three tips.

19 Do’s & Don’ts for a successful internal phishing campaign

Ebook - 19 Do’s & Don’ts for a successful internal phishing campaign

Ebook - How phishing is costing UK companies millions

Phishing trends: Are your suppliers an unexpected security risk?

Phishing trends: Are your suppliers an unexpected security risk?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the perfect phishing storm

Every year at the end of November, we celebrate imported consumer holidays. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday see their popularity grow, hackers are rapidly becoming fans as well. And this year it’s worse than ever.

The ultimate guide to your internal anti-phishing campaign: from start to finish

What you (should) not do if you want your anti-phishing training to be a success

Executing an anti-phishing campaign within your company is the first step in making your employees more alert to cyber threats, but how do you execute this campaign exactly? A thoughtless anti-phishing training program can do more harm than good. It is therefore crucial to use the right strategies when training your employees to recognise phishing emails.

An end to pride and prejudice: everyone is susceptible to phishing

Getting hacked only happens to the ill-advised or the low-skilled? Cybersecurity specialist Arnout Van de Meulebroucke speaks from experience when he says: “It will happen to you.”


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For Public Institutions

Catholic Education Flanders

Pursuant to the pressure of the increasing number of phishing emails in 2020, the umbrella organisation for Catholic Education drew up an internal phishing simulation. The result showed that there were some sore points.

Our Customers

Anne Frank Trust

Public institutions are becoming increasingly enticing targets for cybercriminals. This applies to governments and hospitals, but also to charities. Therefore, the Anne Frank Trust resolutely opts for a proactive approach.


As a large, dynamic company, VRT needed a scalable solution to train its employees thoroughly in cybersecurity topics. The flexibility of Phished also makes it possible to efficiently train temporary employees and 'guest employees'.

Fost Plus

The corona pandemic caused a plague of phishing attacks - a virus that Fost Plus did not want to fall victim to. They turned to Phished for a solution and managed to track down and fortify their vulnerabilities.

For Partners


After an initial baseline measurement, Ipcos came to a remarkable conclusion: almost half of their highly trained employees were susceptible to phishing. Barely four months later, this figure was down to 13%.



Since the beginning of the Phished simulations, clear progress has been made at Bringme. In recent simulations, the phishing rate was only 5% on average. But that was not the case in the beginning.