Phishing simulations: What are they and how can they help your business?

Phishing simulations are lifelike messages sent to your employees. They form the most efficient way of training by exposing weak spots in your company. Automated phishing simulations provide constant testing and training, with minimal effort.

What is a phishing simulation?

A phishing simulation imitates a real-life threat, training employees without the risk of data or money loss, or the danger of reputational damage. The traditional way of employing phishing simulations, however, lacks impact because the frequency of simulations is often far too low. For optimal results, users receive one simulation per five days.

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Why set up phishing simulation campaigns in your company?

Phishing your employees is the most efficient way to train people in recognising and handling phishing threats correctly. The knowledge gap between knowing what phishing is and actually recognising it, remains enormous at most companies. An internal phishing campaign offers a good basis for preparing people for a wide range of threats.

90% of all cyber breaches start with human error. Malware, viruses, torjan horses,… all start with a click on the wrong link. Phishing simulations help people to drastically reduce that error rate by providing them with a solid foundation. By exposing employees to all the potential phishing variants, in a safe and controlled environment, they will recognize actual dangers when they occur.

Setting up an internal phishing campaign doesn’t have to be hard. The time of setting everything up yourself, analysing results and attaching appropriate training – costing you valuable hours – has long gone. AI-driven training allows admins to train their employees, while leaving the hard work to the phishing simulation platform.

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What’s important when running a phishing simulation

While setting up phishing simulations, and training your co-workers, isn’t hard or doesn’t take up a lot of time, it is important to do this with care.

Phishing is a sensitive topic, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do it yourself. Phished has created an overview containing 19 do’s and don’ts you can use to model your own internal phishing campaign.

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The best phishing tool for phishing simulation campaigns

While there are many free tools you can use to conduct phishing simulations and training, it is recommended to choose a partner or platform that offers more than only phishing simulations. By combining simulations with a learning component, you’ll create the most potent security awareness training.

Phished combines fully automated, AI-driven phishing simulations with the Phished Academy, not only training those who need it, but all employees, according to their personal needs and knowledge.

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How Phished works

When organisations start using Phished, initial phishing simulations will manage to ensnare between 20% of recipients (for general simulations) and 50% of recipients (when using spear phishing simulations). After just one year, that will drop to less than 5%.

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Safer inside and outside the organisation.

By sending phishing simulations to your employees, they’re better protected when facing the real thing. Within a controlled environment, employees are offered the room for error and experimentation, without the consequences of an actual hack.

By being better prepared, your co-workers will be more confident when dealing with potentially harmful messages, whether it’s phishing, smishing or vishing.

Moreover, the Phished Academy contributes to the achievement of the ISO 27001 standard on continuous education about information security and makes it easy to measure, track, document and improve the current condition of cybersecurity within the organisation.

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Why our simulated phishing training is unique

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The AI takes into account each individual’s behaviour and intelligently adapts its approach in every phishing simulation.

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Our platform sends out fully automated phishing simulations, which are tailored to the recipient, in terms of both timing and content.

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Unique templates

Our database contains thousands of unique templates, which vary from easily recognisable to hyper realistic. Available in all major languages.

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Manual & spear phishing

In addition to the automated phishing simulations, the Phished platform also features an editor function that lets you make your own simulated phishing training for your colleagues.

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Detailed settings

Simulations can be adapted to suit every cybersecurity approach. Allow simulations outside working hours, enable sensitive content (e.g. false termination notifications) or allow your colleagues’ names and data to be used in spear phishing training.

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Automated simulations
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Spend hours sending out your simulations
Personalised timing & content
Find everyone's weak spots and reinforce them
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Use generic simulations
Unique templates
Thousands of unique and relevant templates
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More generic simulations
Create your own simulations
Make your own simulations, quick and easy to use
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Tiresome processes delay the efficiency of your test
In-depth reporting
Analyse per recipient, function, department, location,...
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