Prevent cyber incidents by changing employee behaviour

Get immediate insight into your organisation’s security status and improve cyber resilience by educating employees in a fully automated way. We guarantee permanent behavioural change through a holistic combination of personalised simulations, training sessions, active reporting and threat alerts.

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Build your Human Firewall

Phished Behavioural Risk Score™

The Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ predicts the likelihood of individuals or the organisation getting hacked.

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Your security status at a glance…

One quantifiable number that gives you and your management immediate insight into your organisation’s security status and how to improve it.

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…based on data…

BRS is calculated using concrete parameters such as data and history. It is constantly updated by measuring your employees’ and organisation’s behaviour.

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…and on every level

Get an insight into your organisation’s BRS as a whole, or dive deeper to the level of your departments, teams or individual employees. Get started today!

Behavioural Risk Score

A holistic approach to Security Awareness Training

Because awareness alone is not enough, it is important to offer them a complete training that covers every base. The Phished platform focuses on security through four main areas, your organisation’s security awareness and behaviour accumulate in the Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ (BRS).

Phishing Simulations

Send personalised phishing simulations without manual intervention

Active Reporting

Stop phishing threats with the click of a button

Training Sessions & Checkpoints

Change behaviour with short and snackable microlearnings

Cyber Hygiene Practices

Ensure your employees are up to date with cybersecurity news and technologies and provide them with concrete what-to-dos

ARIA - Personal AI cyber assistant

Get immediate cybersecurity support from your personal assistant

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Phishing simulations

Send personalised phishing simulations without manual intervention

Save time and money by teaching your employees the skills necessary to spot and deal with real-life cyber threats. AI-driven phishing simulations help them face their weaknesses and improve upon them.

Fully automated and AI-driven simulations

Realistic phishing training thanks to a strong focus on local brands and personalisation

Our AI assistant flawlessly converts your specific needs and requirements into authentic phishing simulations

Active reporting

Stop phishing threats with the click of a button

Reduce costs associated to security breaches and permanently improve employee behaviours related to phishing emails.

Real phishing threats are automatically quarantined and deleted from your employees’ mailboxes

Instant feedback on authenticity of emails and the risks they pose

Increase employee engagement and enforce permanent behavioural change

Training sessions & Checkpoints

Change behaviour with state-of-the-art security awareness training

Teach your employees how to handle every type of threat through time-efficient learning sessions covering many different topics and formats. Checkpoint tests assess their competence and directly influences the employee's security acumen and reduce company security threats.

Developed by education specialists, informed by cyber experts

Based on neuroscientific and gamification principles

Record, verify and maintain physical proof of cybersecurity for each employee

Cyber Hygiene Practices

Elevate Your Cyber Resilience with Our Cyber Hygiene Practices

Involve your employees as the first line of defense against current cyber threats, without having to collect and distribute this information yourself.

Real-time Threat Alerts about ongoing malicious campaigns in both professional and private networks

Equip your employees with the latest insights on current threats and cybercrime methods and provide them with actionable guidelines

Seamlessly integrate cyber hygiene into your employees' daily workflows through our one-minute instructional videos

Curious to see all features in action?

Why our customers love Phished

Wim Wauterickx

By training each employee individually with Phished, VRT can prevent a hack from having an impact on an entire society.

Wim Wauterickx - VRT - Belgian National Broadcasting Station


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Kinepolis CIO Square

The training for our employees is very qualitative and this is reflected in the reporting: thanks to the comprehensive reports, we can easily follow - and prove - the ROI.

Bjorn Van Reet - Kinepolis


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Filip Goyens

By using Phished, we are truly taking our responsibility. The numbers prove that it works.

Filip Goyens - UZA - Antwerp University Hospital


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Thumbnail Carconnex klein

By becoming a victim ourselves, we suddenly understood how important it is to watch over our digital data. That too is part of a premium service.

Kevin Schierhout - Carconnex


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Bjorn vandecraen ipcos

Cyber awareness has already increased significantly and the number of successful phishing simulations has decreased.

Bjorn Vandecraen - Ipcos

APC Technology Developer

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Sil goeman bringme

Thanks to Phished's automated cybersecurity training, our phishing rate has decreased by 95,3%!

Sil Goeman - Bringme

IT Manager

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With Phished's automated training, we no longer lose time & capacity setting up large-scale manual campaigns.

Jordy De Schoesitter - AZ Jan Portaels - General Hospital

IT Manager

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ARIA - personal AI cyber assistant

Round-the-clock cybersecurity support with ARIA, your personal AI cyber assistant

ARIA is engineered to provide immediate, specialized support to administrators and employees, enhancing your organisation’s cyber resilience.

Guided assistance and Phished platform use optimisation for IT admins

Save time by eliminating +90% of first line support

24/7 conversations in user language to handle all cyber security questions

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