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How Mosaic CS turns compliancy into security with Phished for its customers

Phishing training is not required by law in the United States. And yet, it ranks among the top sellers at Mosaic CS. “It’s because Phished offers excellent service, a quality solution and a guaranteed reduction in cyber incident risks for both its partners and our customers.”

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“It’s important to realize that compliance doesn’t equal security,” says John Zwerneman, Vice President of Sales at Mosaic Compliance Services. He knows: Mosaic CS is active in the automotive retail industry, helping (among others) car dealerships to obtain mandated compliancy according to FTC requirements. And yet, even if their customers are fully compliant with every rule in the book, it doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods. “Which is why we went looking for a partner to help us improve our cybersecurity offering,” says Zwerneman.

Why Mosaic Compliance Services chose Phished

Easy to manage clients thanks to the great partner platform
Powerful addition to the portfolio: significant improvement in upselling
Helps partners and customers to offer more than compliance – security

Not mandatory, but very essential

“We help our customers tick all of the boxes. But that’s not all they want: they want real protection. Compliancy is like installing a lock on your door, real protection is actually using it. Locking your door once a year doesn't count,” says Zwerneman.

“90% of all data breaches start with a phishing attack,” he says. “Which is why Phished has rapidly become an essential part of our cybersecurity offering puzzle. At times, we encounter prospects we wouldn’t even have been able to land if we didn’t have Phished in our portfolio. People want that one-stop shop.”

3 reasons why Mosaic loves selling Phished

“When we started looking for this puzzle piece to improve our portfolio, we had a lot of contacts with different solution providers. Phished stood out for a couple of reasons,” says Zwerneman. “First of all, it’s the quality of the platform: the automation is critical for us and our customers. It gets smarter over time, learning what is needed to challenge recipients, adapting to their new knowledge and experience levels. Plus, it’s ongoing training: you want people to not only gain a baseline understanding, but also to get better over time. There’s no substitute for high quality content and people are willing to pay for that.”

“It’s easy for us to manage our clients thanks to the great partner platform”

“Secondly, it’s easy for me to work with our customers because it’s easy to work with Phished. We were able to quickly do it ourselves thanks to their initial support. On top of that, it’s easy for us to manage our clients thanks to the great partner platform. It all shows that Phished is committed to our success. Thirdly, Phished sells at the right price point. It helps us be competitive towards more expensive competitors, even if their offering isn’t as qualitative.”

Why Mosaic CS partners with Phished

Mosaic CS chose Phished over several competitors because of its excellent servicing and quality features. The Phished platform helps complete Mosaic’s cybersecurity offering by providing depth, hands-on and continuous training, and risk management utilities. Furthermore, by making it possible to put together a comprehensive package, Phished helps its partner upsell its services.