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Why you should try phishing your colleagues

Practice makes perfect and it's no different for cybersecurity. Those who never come into contact with digital threats will not recognise them when they come face to face with them. Monday morning, 9 o'clock. Jake sits down at his desk with his first coffee of the...

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Ransomware: cure is better than prevention?

Why bother to prevent ransomware and other digital threats when insurance companies are prepared to mitigate any damages? Because it is a bad idea to take no precautions at all. COVID-19 made the number of digital hostage situations peak in 2020. “Our own fault,”...

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CEO Fraud: phishing at C-level

Is the CEO of your company the weakest cybersecurity link? Recent trends seem to suggest as much. Why is that and what can be done? When do people click on malicious link the most? Correct: when they believe the sender is reliable, when a problem seems to surface and...

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Welcome to the Phished Academy: class is in session

Starting today, the Phished Academy opens its doors to all new and current clients. Offering tailored and in-depth anti-phishing training hand in glove with our existing, personalised phishing simulations, your coworkers will be more prepared than ever when faced with...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the perfect phishing storm

Every year at the end of November, we celebrate imported consumer holidays. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday see their popularity grow, hackers are rapidly becoming fans as well. And this year it’s worse than ever. Over the last ten years, something remarkable came...

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Even experts fear “spear phishing”

Computer scientist Jeroen Baert is certain: everyone can be targeted by hackers. Even the experts who know what is coming. It often strikes me how, at times when most attention seems to go to clever exploitation methods with remarkable names (WannaCry! Heartbleed!...

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