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Welcome to the Phished Academy: class is in session

Starting today, the Phished Academy opens its doors to all new and current clients. Offering tailored and in-depth anti-phishing training hand in glove with our existing, personalised phishing simulations, your coworkers will be more prepared than ever when faced with...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the perfect phishing storm

Every year at the end of November, we celebrate imported consumer holidays. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday see their popularity grow, hackers are rapidly becoming fans as well. And this year it’s worse than ever. Over the last ten years, something remarkable came...

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Even experts fear “spear phishing”

Computer scientist Jeroen Baert is certain: everyone can be targeted by hackers. Even the experts who know what is coming. It often strikes me how, at times when most attention seems to go to clever exploitation methods with remarkable names (WannaCry! Heartbleed!...

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Phishing in education: a hacker’s gateway

Educational institutions often do not have access to the same kinds of deep pockets as private corporations. Why, then, are they such interesting targets for hackers and what can be done to prevent attacks? Early October, the Belgian Artesis-Plantin group was attacked...

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Coronavirus nu ook computervirus

Cyberexperten waarschuwen voor een explosieve toename van phishing-aanvallen rond het coronavirus. De mails lijken van ziekenhuizen of overheidsinstanties te komen en zouden zogezegd extra informatie of nieuwe richtlijnen over het coronavirus bevatten. In realiteit...

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What is PHAAS?

Phishing As A Service (PHAAS) is a service that teaches your employees how to deal with phishing efficiently and safely. Who is it for? Our platform focuses on companies and organisations that are tired of becoming victims of Phishing. Our simulations are suitable for...

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What is phishing?

Phishing is a type of cyber crime involving a hacker,  who pretends to be a trustable source, who tries to receive sensitive information (such as passwords, data or credit card numbers) from a victim. There are several ways a hacker can try to phish someone, the main...

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Misunderstandings about Phishing

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media and rightly so! However because of all this attention, there are often misunderstandings about phishing. Using this post, we would like to resolve a few of these misunderstandings. Phishing mails always contain errors...

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