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What is PHAAS?

Phishing As A Service (PHAAS) is a service that teaches your employees how to deal with phishing efficiently and safely. Who is it for? Our platform focuses on companies and organisations that are tired of becoming victims of Phishing. Our simulations are suitable for...

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What is phishing?

Phishing is a type of cyber crime involving a hacker,  who pretends to be a trustable source, who tries to receive sensitive information (such as passwords, data or credit card numbers) from a victim. There are several ways a hacker can try to phish someone, the main...

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Misunderstandings about Phishing

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media and rightly so! However because of all this attention, there are often misunderstandings about phishing. Using this post, we would like to resolve a few of these misunderstandings. Phishing mails always contain errors...

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Crisis communication after a Phishing attack

Phishing is currently a hot topic in the media, and has been so for a while now. Everyone thinks that a major attack will not happen to them, but what if it does happen to you as a company? Then you certainly need one thing to save your reputation as a company: a well...

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I have been Phished! What to do?

In recent years the number of phishing attacks has increased enormously, and according to some reliable sources this number even doubles every year.  This of course results in more and more people being phished, but what do you actually have to do if (you think) you...

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Phishing: a real threat for your organisation

Phishing is a dangerous form of cybercrime that cannot be detected by regular antivirus software and potentially has serious consequences for your organisation. Alert employees who recognize phishing signals are the only and best defense. In 2017 alone, cybercrime in...

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