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Training your customers on Security Awareness training shouldn’t be painful. Let’s schedule a call and we’ll show you:

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    How automation helps you reduce workloads, for you and your customer

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    How Phished boosts your annual recurring revenuee

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    What integrated Academy training looks like

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    How you can help customers prevent cyberattacks with real-time threat detection

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Why Phished

Why our partners love Phished

Traditional security awareness training doesn't work. Let our award-winning platform do the heavy lifting, and generate more revenue without extra workload.

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Generous margin

Grow your annual recurring revenue.

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User-Friendly Partner Platform

Receive access to our self-service platform, with a complete overview of active licenses and ongoing projects.

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Dedicated Partnership Manager

Receive all the support you need thanks to direct contact with your dedicated partnership manager.

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Excellent Sales & Marketing Support

Access to sales support, marketing resources and product trainings to ensure your success.

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Fully white labeled

Apply your or your clients' personal look & feel to the Phished platform.

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Lead Generation

Our inbound marketing campaigns generate high quality leads for you.


Automated, AI-driven and personalised cybersecurity simulations and training

Phishing Simulations

Tailor-made and native simulated phishing training, based on individual knowledge and experience.

Phished Academy

Microlearnings on a broad range of cybersecurity topics, including phishing awareness training.


Enlist your employees in the security of their organisation with the Phished report button.


In-depth analysis of your client’s weak spots and how to improve them.

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Why you'll love our Partner Platform

Multi-tenant solution

Easily manage your clients & licenses in one convenient environment.


Automation is our core - for the partner platform as well. From automatic deal registration to extensive reporting to better support your clients in recognising and strengthening weak spots.

Marketing & sales materials

Profit from our efforts: find our proven materials, ready for use.

Platform update overview

Always be on top of things thanks to our update tracker.

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