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Case study

Protection instead of punishment: why Fusion Markets thrives with Phished

As a retail-focused fintech broker, Fusion Markets is highly dependent on data. In order to keep their data, employees and clients safe, they decided to partner with Phished to take care of their Security Awareness Training.

Why Fusion Markets chose Phished:

Up and running in the blink of an eye
No extra work on phishing simulations
Supportive approach with immediate feedback
Complete overview of security awareness status

“Our technical defences have always been on point.” says Fusion Markets COO David Swinden. “But one day I was reading ‘This is how they tell me the world ends’ by Nicole Perlroth – on the dangers of cybersecurity vulnerabilities – and I realised that we were ignoring the human aspect of our planning. With phishing dramatically on the rise, it dawned on us that it’s not enough to be aware of the problem. You have to act as well.”

More safety, less work

David Swinden contacted three potential Security Awareness Training partners, but before he was in conversation with any of them, Fusion Markets opted to perform a baseline measurement test using the Phished platform. “It was simple,” says Swinden, “we just had to create an account, do the whitelisting and before long we were sending out simulations. With the help of the self-service portal, we were up and running in no-time. It was all just so easy!”

“Our initial impression of the platform was reinforced when we started the actual testing. We began our search for a partner thinking that we didn’t want to create extra work to create and send out phishing simulations. We wanted as much as possible to be automated, so that it would take work off our hands – which the Phished platform delivered.”

Phished immediately proved to be an attentive provider. They quickly got in touch and the conversations were extremely productive, while we hadn’t even heard back from competing solutions.

Protection, not punishment

"The platform isn’t punitive. There’s no ‘haha, you got phished!’, but instead every recipient receives an immediate, automatic response that explains how they could have recognised the simulation and later on they receive some more broad education on cybersecurity. People don’t feel like they’re being lured into a trap and that’s what makes this training so effective. Finally, it’s great to see how the platform adapts to its recipients in terms of difficulty.”

Why Fusion Markets chose Phished

Fusion Markets didn’t want to fall behind on their cybersecurity. Their priorities were automation, ease-of-use and an approach that is supportive rather than punitive. The platform is very easy to use, giving everyone peace of mind, which is very important inside the place of work. Overall, they can now say that their employees have the necessary tools to protect themselves and the company.