Phished Academy

What is the Phished Academy?

The Phished Academy forms the second layer of our Human Firewall. It educates users on various cybersecurity topics, ranging from phishing and ransomware to safe password usage and preventing malware. It is as much a prevention tool as a reactive measure to teach people how to recognise cyber threats. It works automated and personalises learning materials according to individual recipients’ strengths and weaknesses.

How does the automation work?

The Phished Academy can be used proactively by the administrator to help their co-workers understand the threats within the cybersecurity world. It can also be used to help phished employees better understand what they are up against and it will instruct them on how they can prevent phishing errors in the future. Learning materials are automatically personalised to match the user’s experience and knowledge.

How does the Phished Academy help raise cyber awareness?

As soon as employees start entering data, clicking on links when they shouldn’t or downloading files, their behaviour is adjusted through micro learnings, to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. The Phished Academy features 450+ pieces of content about the ways in which employees can protect themselves online. The Academy goes beyond phishing, touching on themes like privacy and ransomware as well.

Another feature of the Phished Academy is that administrators can proactively choose to approach the users who score less than 80% in their phishing profile.

Does the Phished Academy focus solely on phishing?

No: the Phished Academy educates your employees on a broad range of cybersecurity topics. They learn more about the how and why of ransomware, malware, data breaches, GDPR,… and of course phishing is dealt with as well.