Phished Academy

Efficient cybersecurity and anti-phishing education

Sooner or later, every employee takes the bait. When employees trip up, they are trained with microlearnings from the Phished Academy. Inform and motivate your employees by developing their sense of responsibility, to avoid having them make the same mistakes in the future.

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Tailor-made learning: based on individual knowledge and experience

The Phished Academy offers the chance to make cybersecurity experts out of each and every one of your co-workers. From recognising phishing and ransomware tactics to understanding 2FA and safe network best practices: everyone can learn based on their own awareness and expertise. Bite-sized education thanks to quizzes, infographics, video clips, animations, articles and more.

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How does it work?

For administrators

New users on the Phished platform are automatically enrolled in the Phished Academy. They are guided along a 'Learning Path' that offers tips and information tailored to both beginners and advanced users. In addition, there is a Learning Path for those who need more guidance when they do not succeed in consistently recognising phishing simulations.

Furthermore, administrators can choose to guide individual users by sharing content of their choice with them: there is plenty of choice in the Phished Academy.

For end users

Microlearning that takes little time and makes a big impact. The Phished Academy offers the best of both worlds: regular training to generate constant vigilance.

Users get access to informative articles, posters and videos, and are regularly tested based on the learnings they received. This way, they learn to recognise cyber threats even better.

Tailor-made training

Users receive content that suits their needs. Thanks to the predefined Learning Paths, they learn everything they need to quickly and safely deal with cyberattacks.

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How you'll get started

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Learning Paths

New users enter the Phished Academy, where they are taught the basics of cybersecurity. In addition, they receive more advanced tips & tricks that prepare them for cyberattacks, which in turn helps them protect their company and colleagues.

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Tailored education

Over the course of a predetermined period, users receive articles, posters, videos and dynamic quizzes based on the microlearnings they have received.

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Influencing performance

By going through the microlearnings and passing tests, users brush up on their general knowledge and are better prepared when they come face to face with real dangers.

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Manual options

The Phished Academy works fully automated, but of course, it is also possible to intervene manually. This way, administrators can keep track of the progress per person, function, department or location and, if desired, provide extra learning moments for those who need an extra push.

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Reaching a minimum requirement

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Sometimes people need extra help. Those who regularly fall into the phishing trap, and thus fall below a predetermined limit, are automatically re-enrolled in a Learning Path with advanced microlearnings. This way, they learn in a targeted way and they can polish their knowledge and skills.

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Extensive Roadmap

Phished continues to expand and improve the Academy in collaboration with our customers and partners so we are always aware of current needs and able to offer the best experience.