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For the price of less than one takeaway coffee per employee per month

The benefits of thorough education for your employees far outweighs the phishing training cost. A successful hack will potentially cost you millions. The Phished platform offers a great ROI because of its unique features.

Icon navy Automation

Automated simulations

Advanced phishing simulations, personalised for every recipient. No manual intervention required.

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Manual simulations

Create your own simulations using an advanced, easy-to-use simulator.

Icon navy Unique templates

Thousands of templates

A comprehensive library containing up-to-date, realistic and challenging templates for every possible aspect of real life environments.

Icon navy Meaningful work

Every type of phishing

Spear phishing, CEO fraud, NSFW, industry and job related,… Even smishing simulations are part of the platform.

Icon navy In depth reporting

Advanced reporting

Automatically be informed of your organisation’s performance, per recipient, department or compared to your competitors.

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9 languages

The platform and its simulations are available in Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

What our customers say

Wim Wauterickx
Wim Wauterickx - VRT - Belgian National Broadcasting Station


By training each employee individually with Phished, VRT can prevent a hack from having an impact on an entire society.

Filip Goyens
Filip Goyens - UZA - Antwerp University Hospital


By using Phished, we are truly taking our responsibility. The numbers prove that it works.

Bjorn vandecraen ipcos
Bjorn Vandecraen - Ipcos

APC Technology Developer

Cyber awareness has already increased significantly and the number of successful phishing simulations has decreased.

Sil goeman bringme
Sil Goeman - Bringme

IT Manager

Thanks to Phished's automated cybersecurity training, our phishing rate has decreased by 95,3%!

2021 01 27 16 03 41 IMG 1838 JPG Windows Photo Viewer
Jordy De Schoesitter - AZ Jan Portaels - General Hospital

IT Manager

With Phished's automated training, we no longer lose time & capacity setting up large-scale manual campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Phished cost?

The pricing model works on the basis of a price per recipient per month. Contracts are always on an annual basis. Because we want to help your company in the best way possible, we advise to contact us directly; that way we can make you a tailor-made offer, taking your specific needs and requirements into account. We have special offerings for healthcare, educational institutions and non-profits. You can contact us here.

What is included in subscriptions to the Phished platform?

A subscription to the Phished platform includes use of the platform, as well as access to the Phished Academy, in order to prepare your employees as thoroughly as possible for every kind of cyber risk.

Are multi-annual contracts possible?

Yes, contracts are possible with a maximum duration of 5 years.

Is there implicit renewal?

There is an automatic renewal, but the system automatically warns at regular intervals before the expiry of a licence. There are no snags.