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16 April 2021 / Elaboration

Life at Phished: potential combined with maturity

Working for a start-up offers many advantages: from a creative approach to extensive experimentation, everyone will find something to their liking at Phished. Three (possibly future) colleagues explain why it could be something for you.

A Belgian start-up that is opening the doors to the global, competitive cybersecurity world: it’s not a fairy tale but reality! In our young company, there is room for personal development, professional growth and an ambitious growth path: challenging the big players together. We would like to give you an insight into the world of Phished by offering you three testimonials.

Advantage 1: “A start-up that is not a start-up”.

Working for a start-up can sometimes be a risk, but not at Phished. Our company combines the flexibility, growth and learning opportunities with the structure, know-how and support of a traditional, established company. This is possible thanks to the strong bond with partner Bringme. This gives Phished the ideal mix of possibilities, vision for the future and professionalism.

“I enjoy the opportunity to help support a young, promising company,” says Jake Kelly, Business Development Manager. He was Phished’s first hire in the UK and has not regretted his decision for a moment. “At the same time, I benefit from the knowledge and experience of Bringme’s colleagues. Our youthful enthusiasm and potential combined with their maturity and professionalism: it’s a luxury.”

“The company has so much capacity for growth that I am immensely looking forward to growing along. Our customers are quickly convinced of our product, which makes it a pleasure to offer it; we are currently growing very quickly, which keeps things exciting. Moreover, we have a young, dynamic team that is clearly pulling its weight. Nothing is impossible, every option is open to us.”

Benefit 2: “Phished is quickly becoming a big fish”

“The cybersecurity market is already a huge sector where many competing voices live and work, and yet Phished has a unique message to tell,” says Soufiane Rabhi, Business Development Manager. He was the first BDM to start at Phished and has many years of experience under his belt; he knows the ropes.

“Everyone knows phishing, or has had to deal with it at some point. Yet we see that the most important factor for breaches is still overlooked: the human factor. We often wonder how it is possible that so few companies pay attention to the most important gateway to corporate data. This makes Phished a very tangible product and that is a great advantage: everyone comes into contact with it and has something to gain from our platform. So we always have a strong and relevant story to tell.”

Benefit 3: “Phished is an agile company where opportunities are ripe for the taking”

Cybersecurity companies have a dusty image. Big offices, an impersonal approach and a strong drive for market share: classic players rarely have a ‘sexy’ image. “At Phished, we take a decidedly different approach,” says Willem Van Maele, Marketing Manager.

“We do not work in a soulless business compound, but in a beautiful, historic building in the centre of Leuven – in normal times a bustling neighbourhood where there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your diet with tasty snacks and drinks; I speak from experience. Moreover, the lines of communication between all colleagues are very short, which allows us to experiment a lot. No idea is too crazy and everyone gets enough opportunities and responsibility to develop themselves.”

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At Phished, every colleague gets a nice salary, of course. However, in addition to many extra (legal) benefits, we also offer you valuable opportunities for personal growth and a tailor-made learning programme, flexible hours, strong support and the best, nicest, most collegial colleagues. The numbers are important, but so is the environment, right?

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