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10 phishing facts all your employees should know

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What's there to learn?

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Why 20% is fooled by our simulations, and how you can better train your employees

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Which mails and domains are the most enticing for your employees

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How COVID-19 changed the cybersecurity landscape

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How one phishing attack can devastate your company

Computer scientist. Comedian. self-described Geek.

Guest contribution by Jeroen Baert

"Where phishing is concerned, we should not raise a pedantic finger and shift the responsibility onto the shoulders of the “unintelligent end user” who opens the phishing message. This is a battle that we must fight on every front and it is vital that we understand the phishers’ techniques."

Jeroen baert
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About Phished

Phished focuses on the human side of cybersecurity. The AI-driven training software combines personalised, realistic phishing simulations with the educational program of the Phished Academy. This way, your employees are qualified to correctly and safely deal with online threats. Because employees are better prepared and more secure, the data, reputation and assets of organisations are more secure as well.

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