How does Phished work for end users?

Automated Phishing Simulations are a unique way of maintaining the highest levels of awareness among employees, but how exactly does it work for recipients and end users?

The power of personalisation

Automation and personalisation form the basis upon which the Phished platform was built. It unburdens administrators by requiring little to no manual intervention, while never losing sight of an individual, tailor-made approach.


Recipients are created and managed by an administrator of the organization.

Recipients can be added via multiple methods such as directly on the platform, via file upload or an API.

Phishing Simulations

Our system will automatically schedule the first phishing simulations for newly created recipients.

The first simulations will be based solely on the recipient’s function for calibration purposes. After the initial tests, the algorithms will then automatically adapt the degree of difficulty depending on the unique phishing profile of the recipient.

Phished Academy

The Phished Academy offers tailor-made cybersecurity training on a broad range of topics. Just as with simulations, it personalises content and frequency per user. The AI will calibrate the difficulty of the Academy according to everyone’s personal knowledge, experience and performance.


Transparency and privacy are key components in phishing training.

That’s why we developed a platform geared towards recipients, allowing them to proactively monitor their data.

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Building The Human Firewall

If your employees are prepared, your company is safe


Advanced phishing simulations, personalised for every recipient: no manual intervention required. Or create your own simulations using an advanced, easy-to-use simulator.

Phished Academy

Users of the platform will be taught how to recognise and handle cybersecurity threats, ranging from mass phishing attacks, over spear phishing to CEO Fraud. How do you handle ransomware? How to recognise social engineering? The Phished Academy educates and activates its users into becoming experts.


Real experiences with advanced simulations help employees recognise and deal with real threats in a safe and controlled environment.


Powerful reporting tools, offering detailed insight on an individual or company-wide basis. Find out what your weak spots are and take action.

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