Cyber Resilience Training Platform

Want to obtain a zero-incident rate? Change employee behaviour

The Phished platform automates cybersecurity awareness training using a holistic approach that goes beyond phishing simulations. With a 98.9% customer approval rate from IT Managers, CIO's, DPO's, CEO's, and more.

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We train your employees and improve cyber resilience far beyond awareness

The Phished platform trains 360 workflow-driven & essential cybersecurity skills that impact employee behaviour and make your organisation cyber resilient using a holistic approach.

Training Sessions

Bitesized Training Sessions & Checkpoints

Offer employees best practices & policies to support immediate translation from theory into practice.

Automated AI driven Simulations 2

Automated & AI-driven simulations

Train employees using automated and personalised content so you don't have to spend your time or effort.

Increased User Interaction

Increased user interaction and real time protection

Obtain a sharp increase in user interaction and protect against threats in real-time thanks to Active Reporting.

Improved Cyber Hygiene Practices LSTN

Improved Cyber Hygiene Practices

The Phished Cyber Hygiene Practices are based on the optimal protection of employees’ privacy, data and security, and provide immediate, actionable results.

Threat Alerts

Up-to-date, relevant Threat Alerts

Ensure your employees are up to date with cybersecurity news, awareness of new technologies and methodologies, and provide concrete what-to-dos.


Behavioural Risk Score™

The Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ (BRS) reports the current security status and predicts the likelihood of cyber incidents due to human error.

98.6% of our customers will never leave Phished

Loved by employers

Phished has a 98.6% retention rate - CISOs, IT Managers, DPOs... are happy to keep training at Phished.

Loved by employees

Users highly rate the Phished platform: the current rating is 92%. Their feedback is continuously used to improve their training even more.

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Phished helps global organisations improve their cyber resilience


We achieved a phishing rate below 10% within the first 2 months. The automated reporting tools make it easy to prove the ROI.

Bjorn Van Reet – CIO Kinepolis – Publicly listed cinema group


After falling victim to a ransomware attack, Phished has been essential in protecting our data, assets and intellectual property against new attacks.

Kevin Schierhout – COO Carconnex – European car trader


We can now focus on servicing our customers as ‘trusted advisors’ and selling to new customers, because we no longer waste time preparing basic security awareness training such as simulations.

Kevin Couvreur – Experience Centre Director ConXioN - Partner

Raising awareness is not enough

Securing your organisation doesn’t end with your employees being aware of cyber threats if they don’t know how to respond to actual threats. Phished helps you go beyond awareness.

Traditional awareness training

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    Assuming employees take interest

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    No curriculum

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    Long-winded videos

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    Participation-based certification

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    Awareness ≠ cybersecurity training. Cyber risks remain

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    Fully automated & AI-driven: personalised per recipient to draw attention

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    Holistic curriculum to change behaviour

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    Bitesized learnings that only take a few minutes

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    Certification based on performance

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    Part of holistic cybersecurity training

For MS(S)P’s & IT partners

Complete your offering with a solution that guarantees cyber resilience

Reduce workloads, sell more and improve your customer relationships by expanding your offering with our cyber resilience training.

Partnership Wide

Come phish with us!

Phished is looking for new talent to join forces against cybercrime. Help our customers improve their cyber resilience, support the development of the platform or create new ways to train security awareness.

Apply today and show off your talent. We’ll see you soon.

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