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26 agosto 2021 / Elaboration

The future of the cybersecurity industry

Why cyberattacks are not going anywhere

From indulgences to pyramid schemes: scams that prey on human tendencies have been around for ages. And they are here to stay.

Since the internet came to dominate the world, scams have been moved there too. And with that move came a sea of scam opportunities. But whether we are talking about an old-school conman on the street, or a credible phishing mail, it’s humans that put others (or themselves) at risk, not computers. So how to deal with these phishing attacks?

Never ending threat

We have been trying to contain phishing mails and internet schemes since the world wide web was invented, but we will never be able to say that we completely solved the problem. As our solutions and precautions evolve, hackers and scammers do too. They keep coming up with more elaborate and convincing ideas to trick you and your co-workers and get the data they need.

Up your game

The best possible way of dealing with these evolving virtual threats, is not only informing your co-workers about the risks that come with surfing in cyberspace, but also engaging them in a phishing scam training. With the help of the Phished Academy program, your co-workers will be far more likely to recognize the most common characteristics of phishy e-mails. For if the phishers are upgrading their game, your company should too.

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Firing squad

Every time hackers launch a new attack, your co-workers should be able to respond with the proper countermeasures, before the hackers come up with another way of possibly getting to the important data at your company. Like a firing squad, your co-workers always have to be vigilant for a new set of attacks even more credible and thought-out than the previous one.

Future attacks

So does cybersecurity have a future? Well, if you do not expect well-equipped hackers to just magically bury the hatchet, you should brace yourself for more cyber threats in the future. We will never find an airtight solution, so the only option is to try to be one step ahead of the hackers. Want to incorporate an anti-phishing awareness training to let your co-workers know how to behave on the internet (and more specifically, in their mailbox)? Request a demo and read our new whitepaper that sees to it that your phishing scam training will be a big succes!

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