Simulated Phishing Training

Phished provides companies and (public) organizations with the tools they need to educate their workers about cybersecurity and raise their awareness of digital threats. Anti-phishing training is a key part of this.

Training your employees to become cybersecurity experts

The AI-powered technology developed by Phished focuses on encouraging the human defence against digital threats. Simulated phishing training for your employees is critical to achieving this goal: after all, the majority of cybersecurity breaches are caused by a miscalculation of the phishing risks.

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Anti-phishing training

The secrets to simulated phishing training

To put it another way, better cybersecurity awareness begins with comprehensive anti-phishing training. Viruses, malware, ransomware, and other computer viruses fall into two categories: those that try to worm their way past technological security barriers (firewalls, anti-spam, and so on) and those that are solely focused on humans. Today, it is the second category that presents the biggest threat: human mistake is at the root of 90% of all cyber breaches.

Anti-phishing training provides a solid basis for employees to dramatically minimize their mistake rate. All malware that targets humans enters through various phishing attempts. Employees will recognize the true threats when they occur if they are exposed to all potential phishing variants in a safe and regulated setting.

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What is Phished?

Learn to do simulated phishing training like a professional

Traditional phishing, vishing, and smishing, as well as targeted spear phishing awareness training, are all covered by Phished's anti-phishing training. Employees are prepped for all conceivable hazards throughinternal phishing campaigns, and they acquire the proper reflexes to better defend themselves and their company. Those who are still caught are referred to the Phished Academy. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

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Why Phished?

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Why should you put your trust in Phished, when there are other options available? Because our platform has some very unique selling points.

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Automated phishing simulations
No manual intervention
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Spend hours sending out your simulations
Personalisation per recipient
Find everyone's weak spots and reinforce them
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Use generic simulations
Phished Academy training
Use microlearnings to make a cyberexpert out of every employee
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Narrow focus on cybersecurity
In-depth reporting
Analyse per recipient, function, department, location,...
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General reports