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The number of cyberattacks aimed at schools rose by +24 percent over the past year, more than in any other sector. Download our free ebook and protect your school's data.

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What's there to learn?

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Why are schools targeted?

Personal information, research data, financial records, identity fraud,... Schools are treasure troves.

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What happens when platforms are hacked?

Every hack puts students, teachers and administrative personnel at risk. Even when the damage is external.

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Lots of schools get hacked

...we just do not know about it. Why do schools prefer not to communicate about hacks? Find out in our ebook.

Case study: Catholic Education Flanders

Curious about how vulnerable people are to phishing in an educational context, this umbrella organisation drew up an internal phishing simulation. Read about their learnings in our free ebook.

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Guest contributions

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Phishing is a danger inherent to our modern day and age. Digital security is a prerequisite for digital education.

Ben Weyts

Flemish minister of education

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Our employees are now much more alert and have since been able to recognise numerous different phishing attempts

Peter Declerck - Catholic Education Flanders

Information Security

Automated cybersecurity training software

About Phished

Phished helps companies in raising awareness with their staff and educating them on the risks of phishing attacks. By sending automated and personalised phishing simulations, employees experience firsthand what they are up against.

Over 50.000 employees per day across Europe encounter our mimicked attacks, preparing them for genuine dangers.

Our goal is to fortify the weak link in corporate security: people.

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