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How phishing is costing UK companies millions

Human errors cause 90% of all data breaches. Those who are unwilling to train their employees, have to be prepared (to lose money). Download our free whitepaper and learn about today's threats and how to prevent them.

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What you'll learn

Icon navy Colleagues

90% of security breaches start with a human error

Automated solutions ignore the human factor. Why and how Phished does automation differently.

Icon navy Meaningful work

Is your CEO a security risk?

C-levels carry authority. Are your employees confident enough to defy an impersonated director?

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Is your supplier an unexpected security risk?

One weak link can suffice to bring down an entire ecosystem

Icon navy Fast paced

Why ransomware is booming

And why that is our fault

Automated cybersecurity training software

About Phished

Phished focuses on the human side of cybersecurity. The AI-driven training software combines personalised, realistic phishing simulations with the educational program of the Phished Academy. This way, your employees are qualified to correctly and safely deal with online threats. Because employees are better prepared and more secure, the data, reputation and assets of organisations are more secure as well.

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