Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Enterprise

Phished is a scalable solution that supports organisations by facilitating their cybersecurity efforts. Whether it’s 1,000 employees or 10,000, our platform offers each one a personalised approach while it requires very little manual intervention from your IT administrator. From simulated phishing training to general cybersecurity awareness: Phished has you covered.


How can Phished help us

Because of the flexibility of the platform, Phished is able to grow alongside your company.

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Taking care of every individual recipient is easy because of the Phished AI, personalising cybersecurity training for every employee, without the need for manual intervention.

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In-depth reporting

The most advanced reporting tools at your fingertips: behavioural analyses per department, recipient, function or location. Identify your weak spots and strengthen them.

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Micro learnings

Offer your employees snackable cybersecurity training. No extensive, time absorbing webinars, but a quick way to become a cyber expert.

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Flexible intake

As your organisation is in constant flux, personnel changes are never a problem thanks to the ease of adding and/or replacing users and recipients automatically with our API integration.

Unburdening through automation

Automation was never this personal

Enterprise-level companies need flexible solutions that are agile, yet powerful enough to service the entire organisation. Because cybersecurity is a sensitive subject, solutions need to be able to cover a broad range of topics and at the same time be as specific as possible. They have to be scalable while at the same time taking a personal, individual approach.

While most cybersecurity training solutions compromise between ease of use and thoroughly preparing users for today’s threats, the Phished platform allows organisations to focus on every individual while keeping track of everyone’s progress. This happens automatically: from sending phishing simulations and offering tailor-made training in the Phished Academy to in-depth reporting, handily delivered in your mailbox. Phished offers a wealth of possibilities, without the need for manual intervention.

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Let Phished do the work

The Phished API integrates the Azure Active Directory into its platforms, which means that new and former employees can automatically be added or removed from an organisation’s subscription.

Phished Integrations