How does Phished work for administrators?

Automated Phishing Simulations are a unique way of maintaining the highest levels of awareness among employees, but how does it work exactly for the administrators?

The power of automation

Automation and personalisation form the basis upon which the Phished platform was built. It unburdens administrators by requiring little to no manual intervention, while never losing sight of an individual, tailor-made approach.

Phishing Simulations

Our system will automatically schedule the first phishing simulations for newly created recipients.

The first simulations will be based solely on the recipient’s function for calibration purposes. After the initial tests, the algorithms will then automatically adapt the degree of difficulty depending on the unique phishing profile of the recipient.

Phished Academy

The Phished Academy offers tailor-made cybersecurity training on a broad range of topics. Just as with simulations, it personalises content and frequency per user. The AI will calibrate the difficulty of the Academy according to everyone’s personal knowledge, experience and performance.

In-depth reporting

Phished offers the most powerful analysis tools on the market. Keep on eye on every user’s performance and progress, or receive them automatically in your mailbox.

Organise reports per recipient, function, department, location and more.

Platform interface phishing simulation
Platform interface phished academy
Platform interface reporting

Let our platform do the work for you, or do it yourself

Phished provides all the tools you need to get started. Whether you want to use an Azure Active Directory to add your recipients, use a CSV file or do it by hand, our platform is equipped to make it as easy as possible for you.

Active Directory

Automatically add and delete new or previous recipients.


Integrate Phished into your workflow by connecting through the API.

Phished Integrations

3 easy steps to get started

Get Started Create account

Create an account in 5 easy steps

Start your journey by creating a free account. You’ll be guided through the configuration by our wizard, as we get to know you and better understand your organisation.

Get Started Upload Recipients

Upload recipients

Once the initial setup is done, you can start adding recipients. This can be done manually or through an API with Azure Active Directory. You can decide whether or not you want to alert your recipients to their admission into the program. Add your domain, whitelist our simulations and you’re good to go!

Get Started Done


The platform will start sending out simulations within 24 hours to every recipient. Based on their responses, the types of simulations and their send times will be personalised by the AI algorithms