What is Phished?

Phished is an AI-driven platform that focuses on the human side of cybersecurity. By combining fully automated training software with personalised, realistic simulations of cyberattacks, Phished teaches your employees how to correctly and safely deal with online threats. Because of this, employees are better prepared and more secure, the data, reputation and assets of organisations are more secure.

4 layers of The Human Firewall

Phished helps companies by training their employees to recognise and deal with cyber threats. It does this by focusing on the 4 layers of The Human Firewall.

Automated Phishing Simulations: Our AI training software sends out fully automated phishing simulations based on the profile and behaviour of each individual employee.

Phished Academy: When employees trip up, they are trained with micro learnings from the Phished Academy. We develop their sense of responsibility, to avoid having them make the same mistakes in the future.

Activation: Employees don’t just have to undergo the phishing simulations, they can also flag them in a simple way. It engages them in their organisation’s cybersecurity approach.

Reporting: Thanks to our in-depth reporting tools, you remain one step ahead of cyber criminals. Our reporting methods let you pinpoint the exact locations of security threats within your organization.

Who is it for?

Because of its scalability, Phished is suitable for every kind of organisation, from SME to Enterprise, from Public Institution to Non-Profit. Whether your organisation trains 5 employees or 50,000, everyone will benefit from the same rigorous, in-depth, automated and personalised approach, thanks to our powerful AI. Learn more on our Solutions page.

How does it work?

The algorithm draws up a phishing profile and a phishing score for every individual. The AI sends out its initial simulations based on the function of the employee. Next, the algorithm will take into account each individual’s behaviour and intelligently adapt its approach in the subsequent simulations. Which simulations does the recipient report? Which emails does the recipient engage with? Does he click on any hyperlinks? How long does an employee have the mail open for, before realising he or she is looking at simulation? Using big data, the algorithm learns which simulations particularly appeal to each individual recipient.

Is the AI always up to date?

The algorithm receives fresh input every day. By now, the platform features thousands of tailor-made simulations, with new ones being added on a daily basis. Phished employs content experts who specialize in this particular domain. They use topical issues (share a recent example, for instance a newsletter from a daily to promote a football game, free train tickets from the government...) and use data from actual cyberattacks.

What kind of automation is there?

The Phished platform works fully automated, unburdening IT administrators while keeping their co-workers in top shape. Phishing simulations are automatically send out and personalised per recipient, making sure that every employee is alerted to their blind spots and training their cybersecurity knowledge. The Phished Academy is based on the same principles: recipients learn according to their own personal experience and knowledge.

Reporting is automated as well: administrators receive a handy overview per recipient, per function, per department, per location or per language. They can choose to receive this regularly in their email inbox.

How can Phished work with personalisation if it’s automated?

The AI tracks each recipient’s behaviour related to our platform. By identifying weaknesses, while taking individual’s experience and knowledge into account, the algorithm sends automated, yet personalised simulations and Phished Academy learning materials to every single recipient as needed. By linking automated and personalised phishing simulations to our training software and actively involving recipients in the security process, Phished teaches employees to properly deal with actual online threats.

How can I keep track of my organisation’s performance?

Phished offers an unrivalled insight into the performance of your individual employees, job functions, departments, locations and can even offer you a comparison with similar (anonymised) competitors.

What is a Phished rate?

A person’s ‘phished rate’ is a representation of his or her performance with Phished simulations. Someone who consistently spots phishing simulations will score higher than someone who is regularly phished. Reporting simulations helps to raise this score, as well as not clicking on malicious links or entering data.

Do customers need to manually maintain their account after they start using the platform?

Our focus is on ease of use and automation, which is no different when it comes to onboarding and maintenance. That is the strength of Phished: as little manual work as possible for clients. To reduce the number of necessary logins even more, administrators can opt to receive reports automatically at regular intervals via email.

The Phished platform supports both manual and automatic additions to the recipients’ list. This can be done either through a .CSV or .XLS file, by using the manual interface or by using the Azure Active Directory API.

How easy is Phished to set up?

Setting up Phished for your organisation is easy and requires only 3 steps:

Whitelist domain: Choose the right domain for simulations and whitelist our servers.

Add recipients: Upload recipients through a CSV or XLS file, or with an Azure integration.

Set the stage: Determine the optimal configuration to get the most out of our platform.