27 Januar 2022

What happens to your data after a hack

If you, one of your accounts, or your employer is hacked, a lot of personal data ends up in unfamiliar hands. What is more, that data can be stolen without you even noticing. So, where does it end up?

It is not necessarily your fault if personal data is stolen. It could be due to an online service that was not properly protected, maybe a leak, a bug on a platform, or maybe you were phished. There are many possible ways through which you can lose data. Hackers are just as happy to steal data as they are to plunder your bank account. Relevant data is worth a fortune, as they can sell your e-mail address or phone number to phishers, hackers, or automated advertising services that then bombard you with spam. So a working contact can earn them a lot.

There is an image that hackers package your data and covertly sell it on the dark web: The place where criminals trade in drugs, guns, and other unsavoury items, but that is no longer true. Your data can also turn up on the “regular” internet. For example, many hacker forums offer databases, often for payment but sometimes even for free.

This data is then added to ready-made hacking packages that amateurs can buy and immediately use. Therefore, you must always use unique passwords and change them when you know of a hack. This way, you prevent one hacked account from leading to more hacks, a loss of money, or further data theft.