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12 Oktober 2021 / Academy

Welcome to the new and improved Phished Academy: discover all new features

A little later than traditional schools, Phished today opens the doors of the renewed Phished Academy. In light of European Cybersecurity Month, we are launching an improved experience, with more in-depth training methods and more options for account administrators.

The cybersecurity sector is in constant flux. Hackers and phishers are constantly pushing new techniques to attack the employees in your workplace, which means we have to follow suit. Although a well-trained employee is more resistant to new and changing phishing tactics than traditional technological means of protection, it does remain an important part of cybersecurity to update the human factor as well. That is why Phished also continues to work on improvements to its platform and, in this case, the Phished Academy.

We focused on ideas and feedback from our customers and partners and made sure that the new Phished Academy is not only better and more user-friendly, but also more comprehensive.

Renewed focus

The revitalisation of our Phished Academy brings several changes that give the user a completely different experience with the platform. First of all, the Academy offers even more learning methods. These methods are even more interwoven with our Phished platform than in our previous version: this way, we can tailor the learning process even more to individual performance in phishing simulation emails.

We have expanded our library as well: we now offer our extensive content in 10 languages (and counting!). In addition, your colleagues can learn in a more targeted way: we now focus on local and specific learning materials more strongly, so that both a Russian diplomat and a French warehouse worker will feel individually addressed during the "lesson" - these microlearnings will continue to be bite-sized, but in the future administrators will also be able to offer more extensive learning opportunities.

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All roads lead to... cybersecurity

The Phished Academy is not only personalised per sector or language: Phished makes it a priority that every employee ultimately achieves a good report. Therefore, we developed a new system where users are taken along two 'Learning Paths'. The first group of people that ends up in the Academy are new users. They receive basic information about general cybersecurity and phishing, as well as practical tips and tricks to help them deal with cyberattacks.

But also employees who are already a lot further in their education are sometimes called back to the Phished Academy school desks. If users have not yet fully mastered the detection of Phishing mails, they are given extra tutoring. This way everyone gets the chance to polish their knowledge and skills, so they are better prepared for possible cyber threats in the future.

Under construction

The Sagrada Familia, the New York Metropolitan Museam of Art, the Duomo di Siena,... The biggest buildings in history are never really finished. The work on the Phished Academy may be on schedule, but our construction will never be finished either. Just like hackers and phishers, we have to keep developing our methods to prepare as many people as possible for the real deal. Our Phished Academy, therefore, remains under construction.

We work together with our clients and partners to make sure our platform, as well as the Phished Academy, are as close to every company culture as possible, and as well-suited as possible to everyone's individual needs. We always listen to constructive feedback and are constantly looking for ways to keep innovating.

Our roadmap still contains many ideas and features that will be rolled out on the platform in the coming weeks and months. To give you just a small insight into what's to come: in a forthcoming update we will add the possibility for account administrators to create individual Learning Paths for their company, specific departments or even individual employees.

In addition, administrators will also be able to create and add their own content within the Phished Academy, which they can then immediately share with their employees.

This way Phished keeps building the Human Firewall in your company.