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15 diciembre 2020 / Academy

Welcome to the Phished Academy: class is in session

Starting today, the Phished Academy opens its doors to all new and current clients. Offering tailored and in-depth anti-phishing training hand in glove with our existing, personalised phishing simulations, your coworkers will be more prepared than ever when faced with phishing attacks.

Phishing and ransomware are continually gaining traction. Meanwhile, reports are regularly surfacing that a significant percentage of the workforce is receiving too little cybersecurity training or that such trainings are insufficiently qualitative.

While the Phished simulations platform is successful in training employees to become more qualified in negating phishing threats, demand grew for an even more extensive learning platform that allows personnel to be trained in a more broad spectrum of cybersecurity measures. To accommodate these requests we proudly present: the Phished Academy.

What is it?

At Phished we believe that it is essential for users to come into contact with phishing threats that closely resemble actual attacks. It is the most efficient way to prepare for the real deal and the Phished automated platform provides that possibility within a secure, confined space. The addition of the Academy is therefore not a replacement for our simulations, but rather a valuable companion for your coworkers on their road to becoming phishing and cybersecurity experts in their own right.

Integrated topics include, but are not limited to, two factor authentication, bank fraud, CEO fraud, whaling, safe password tactics, general best practices,… Every aspect of digital security is touched upon and toilered to every user’s individual needs. The Phished Academy already consists of a large and varied content library, which is expanded on every day.

How does it work?

The Phished Academy is fully integrated into the existing platform. This means that users who have been phished will automatically be offered more in-depth cybersecurity training in order to prevent future lapses. They will be presented with articles, infographics, quizzes and more – in accordance with their personal needs, knowledge level and score within the platform.

Administrators are able to offer this extra training to ‘un-phished’ employees as well. High performers will then automatically receive more difficult training topics and exercises – these are modified after the simulation platform’s difficulty level, ranging from 1 (very easy) to 5 (extremely difficult).

Who is it for?

The Phished Academy makes the Phished platform even more accessible and indispensable for every worker, in every field, in every function or department. Everyone is vulnerable to phishing and being prepared is the best practice.

Existing clients will be offered access to the Phished Academy for no extra cost. New customers will be able to either choose the existing standard package, consisting of the Phished simulations platform, including access to our powerful AI; or they can opt-in to the premium package, which offers full, uninhibited access to every tool we have on offer for a small extra fee – be sure to contact us to receive a bespoke offer, taking into account your every need.