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12 abril 2022 / Elaboration

Experts celebrate Phished with 2 awards: 'Best-Of Phishing Simulation' and 'Best-Of Security Awareness Training'

Cybersecurity review platform Expert Insights awards Phished no less than two awards.

In the spring edition of the 'Best-Of Cybersecurity Awards 2022', Phished was honoured in not one, but two categories. Both for 'Phishing Simulation' and 'Security Awareness Training', our fully automated security awareness training platform was praised as the best solution on the market.

"It is a nice recognition of what we have been doing since the very beginning: being the best solution for our customers to train their employees on cybersecurity and to make them resistant to phishing and other attacks," says Arnout Van de Meulebroucke, CEO of Phished. "This award confirms what we already knew ourselves: that the old way of training people is not smart or efficient enough and that our automated approach fills a big gap in the market."

Independent recognition

Expert Insights is an online publication consisting of editorial and technical teams that assess and compare various aspects of cybersecurity-based solutions. The 'Best-Of Awards' recognise innovative tools in different categories if they meet strict quality requirements in terms of forward-thinking, groundbreaking approach and positive user experience. The awards are given by independent editors based on tests, user reviews and competitive comparisons.

"In the future, we will continue to work hard to make Security Awareness Training the best choice for both employees and employers," says Van de Meulebroucke. "Alternatives on the market have good intentions, but too often they miss the real issue: the user and how he or she learns to deal with digital dangers. Simply throwing content at them without the appropriate framework does not work. We do it differently and it works.

Innovation for the future

Hackers do not stand still: they are always looking for new, innovative ways to lure unsuspecting people into a trap. That is why Phished thinks like a hacker, which means that the Phished platform is also constantly evolving.

For example, Phished is working on new ways to continue educating employees on all types of dangers. These will be launched soon and underline the unique character of the platform. This way, Phished is constantly working on a platform that will continue to win awards in the future.