Hacker computer phished what to do
02 septiembre 2020 / Facts

I have been Phished! What to do?

In recent years the number of phishing attacks has increased enormously, and according to some reliable sources this number even doubles every year. This of course results in more and more people being phished, but what do you actually have to do if (you think) you have become a victim of Phishing?

The exact steps you need to take will of course depend on the type of phishing attack. In concrete terms, this comes down to the question: what did you have to do during the attack or what information did you give away?

General steps

In general, there are a few steps you should take:

  • Try to remain calm
  • Inform your internal IT-department about the attack
  • If the attack was a phishing email, you should report it as spam
  • Have your computer, tablet or smartphone checked by your internal (or external) IT service


This step is especially applicable if you entered data during the attack.

  • Scan your system
  • Change your password on the accounts involved
  • Stay alert for possible misuse of the data involved


This step is applicable if you downloaded a file during the attack.

  • Don’t open the installed file and delete it immediately
  • Disconnect your computer from any network (disconnect your WIFI or unplug your ethernet cable)
  • Scan your entire system
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