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26 August 2021 / Elaboration

How Phished uses email templates to make your company safer

If you want to train your employees to be better equipped to deal with phishing attacks, you’re going to have to use cybersecurity microlearnings and anti-phishing training on a regular basis in order to achieve the best results.

It may seem like a particularly daunting task to create a pool of mails with which you can start your anti-phishing training, but that’s where we come in!

gives you all the tools you need to get started very quickly, and allows you to either use our massive database of pre-existing phishing simulation templates, or to create your own simulations with ease.

Pre-existing templates

There are already thousands of phishing templates in our database that can be sent to your employees. Each one of these can be manually edited if you so choose, which means that they are great starting points if you want to tailor them specifically to your company.

The editor

Sometimes though, templates just won’t be enough to give you exactly what you’re looking for. In that case, you can use our very powerful editor to create your own phishing simulation templates.

You can fill in every single aspect of the phishing awareness email template to your liking in just a few seconds, and use all of the tricks that we have available to create the most convincing end results.

Are you an expert in HTML who’d like to create templates from scratch? Just press the “Source” button and you’re ready to start working with HTML. Want to add images, change the text size, font, or anything else? The text editor has you covered with an intuitive and easy-to-use layout for which you don’t need any technical knowledge. Want to have the same layout as a company you’re trying to impersonate? We have an easy way to do that too!


One more trick we have up our sleeve is the use of “Placeholders”. These are snippets of text that will adapt to the situation, so that the mail will look more believable, no matter who it was sent to.


For example, using the placeholder

“Dear {{ FirstName }},”,

will make it look like this after the mail is sent (using the actual first name of the recipient, of course):

“Dear John,”.

There are placeholders for all kinds of situations, giving you almost endless ways to create the most convincing phishing email templates you can think of.

Would you like to create a mail which looks like it came from someone inside of the company? Then our spear phishing simulations are what you're looking for!

Simply use, for example,

“{{ SpearPhishing_FirstName }} {{ SpearPhishing_LastName }} - HR”,

use a certain tag in the editor, and the phishing campaign template is ready to accurately replace the placeholders with the name of someone who works at Human Resources in your company:

“Archie Aspey – HR".

Want to use dates that are always going to work without having to manually update them? Then you can use our time-based (and other) placeholders, for example.

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As you can see, it’s incredibly easy and efficient to get started with Phished’s tools and resources to start working on improving your cybersecurity. Whether you want to create your own mails or use the existing database, your company will be safer than ever before.