How does Phished work for administrators?

Automated Phishing Simulations are a unique way of maintaining the highest levels of awareness among employees, but how does it work exactly for the administrators?


Navigate through the setup process with ease thanks to an easy-to-follow wizard.

The wizard will guide you through some basic steps (initial configuration, domain validation, …). After successfully completing this wizard, you can start to add your first recipients. 

Automated Simulations

Our system will automatically schedule the first phishing simulations for the newly created recipients.

The first few simulations will be based solely on the recipient’s function. After the initial tests, the algorithms will then automatically adapt the degree of difficulty depending on the unique phishing profile of the recipient.

Extensive reporting

Get an in-depth look at the performance of your organization. 

Keep a close eye on your different departments, locations, networks and of course recipients. Get to know your organization’s weakest links and fix them.

Phishing is in Our Blood

Our algorithms can choose from over 3.000 unique templates to make sure that every recipient receives the best simulation possible.

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