What is Phished?

Automated Cybersecurity Training

Phished is an AI-driven cybersecurity training platform, educating your employees on a broad range of cybersecurity topics using advanced, automated phishing simulations. Tailor-made learning based on personal knowledge and experience.

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What our customers say

Wim Wauterickx
Wim Wauterickx - VRT - Belgian National Broadcasting


By training each employee individually with Phished, VRT can prevent a hack from having an impact on an entire society.

Filip Goyens
Filip Goyens - UZA - Antwerp University Hospital


By using Phished, we are truly taking our responsibility. The numbers prove that it works.

Bjorn vandecraen ipcos
Bjorn Vandecraen - Ipcos

APC Technology Director

Cyber awareness has already increased significantly and the number of successful phishing simulations has decreased.

Sil goeman bringme
Sil Goeman - Bringme

IT Manager

Thanks to Phished's automated cybersecurity training, our phishing rate has decreased by 95,3%!

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Jordy De Schoesitter - AZ Jan Portaels - General Hospital

IT Manager

With Phished's automated training, we no longer lose time & capacity setting up large-scale manual campaigns.

Why Phished is unique

Icon navy Automation

Automated simulations

Advanced phishing and cyberattack simulations, personalised for every recipient. No manual intervention required.

Icon navy Manual and spear phishing

Manual simulations

Create your own simulated phishing training using an advanced, easy-to-use simulator.

Icon navy Unique templates

Thousands of unique templates

A comprehensive library containing up-to-date, realistic and challenging templates for every possible aspect of real life environments.

Hook Navy

Every type of phishing

Spear phishing, CEO fraud, NSFW, industry and job related,… Even smishing simulations are part of the platform.

Icon navy In depth reporting

Advanced reporting & insights

Automatically be informed of your organisation’s performance, per recipient, department or compared to your competitors.

Icon navy Colleagues

All major languages

The platform and its simulations are available in all major languages.


Training your employees to become cybersecurity experts

Because of the innovative approach of the Phished platform, phishing training for your staff is combined with education and advanced reporting to activate employees into becoming cybersecurity experts in their own right.

Save your organisation by saving time.

The Phished platform requires minimal manual interference in education and training recipients. Both the cyberattack simulations and the Phished Academy work automated and respond to each individual recipient’s behaviour.

Experience paired with precision.

Tailor-made to both a recipient’s knowledge and experience, and their individual behaviour. The AI learns from their weaknesses to treat any possible blind spot.

Real experiences for real threats.

Real experiences with advanced simulated phishing training help employees recognise and deal with real threats in a safe and controlled environment.

Know more, do better.

Powerful reporting tools, offering detailed insight on an individual or company-wide basis. Find out what your weak spots are and take action.

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For whom?

How can Phished help you?

Apartment hotel building company

For Enterprise

As an advanced SaaS platform, Phished is scalable and adapts to even the largest companies. The platform offers phishing training for your staff, whether it’s 500 employees or 50,000, everyone receives a thorough and personal approach, without putting a strain on the system administrator’s available time.

Real estate school home building

For Public Institutions

As an increasingly prized target for hackers, public institutions need to prepare their employees for every possible threat. Thanks to Phished’s scalability, every institution can start its cybersecurity training in no time, no matter its size.

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For Partners/Resellers

Phished works with IT consultancies, ethical hackers and cybersecurity companies that want to extend their cybersecurity offering.

Trusted by 1000+ companies worldwide

Phished Academy

Teach your employees how to deal with online dangers in an efficient and interactive way.

The basics

Users of the platform will be taught how to recognise and handle cybersecurity threats, ranging from mass phishing attacks, over spear phishing to CEO Fraud.

Advanced threats

How do you handle ransomware? How to recognise social engineering? The Phished Academy educates and activates its users into becoming experts.

Fully automated and personalised

Similar to the simulations component, the Phished Academy works automated and based on each individual’s knowledge and experience.

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start now

3 easy steps to get started

Get Started Create account

Create an account

Start your journey by creating a free account. You’ll be guided through the configuration by our wizard, as we get to know you and better understand your organisation.

Get Started Upload Recipients

Upload recipients

Once the initial setup is done, you can start adding recipients. This can be done manually or through an API with Azure Active Directory. You can decide whether or not you want to alert your recipients to their admission into the program. Add your domain, whitelist our simulations and you’re good to go!

Get Started Done


The platform will start sending out simulations within 24 hours to every recipient. Based on their responses, the types of simulations and their send times will be personalised by the AI algorithms.

Why Phished?

Phished compared

Why should you put your trust in Phished, when there are other options available? Because our platform has some very unique selling points.

Our competitors
Automated phishing simulations
No manual intervention
Our competitors
Spend hours sending out your simulations
Personalisation per recipient
Find everyone's weak spots and reinforce them
Our competitors
Use generic simulations
Phished Academy training
Use microlearnings to make a cyberexpert out of every employee
Our competitors
Narrow focus on cybersecurity
In-depth reporting
Analyse per recipient, function, department, location,...
Our competitors
General reports

Let our platform do the work for you, or do it yourself

Phished provides all the tools you need to get started. Whether you want to use an Azure Active Directory to add your recipients, use a CSV file or do it by hand, our platform is equipped to make it as easy as possible for you.

Active Directory

Automatically add and delete new or previous recipients.


Integrate Phished into your workflow by connecting through the API.

Phished Integrations