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Why Phished is unique

Icon navy Automation

Automated simulations

Advanced phishing simulations, personalised for every recipient. No manual intervention required.

Icon navy Manual and spear phishing

Manual simulations

Create your own simulations using an advanced, easy-to-use simulator.

Icon navy Unique templates

Thousands of unique templates

A comprehensive library containing up-to-date, realistic and challenging templates for every possible aspect of real life environments.

Icon navy Meaningful work

Every type of phishing

Spear phishing, CEO fraud, NSFW, industry and job related,… Even smishing simulations are part of the platform.

Icon navy In depth reporting

Advanced reporting

Automatically be informed of your organisation’s performance, per recipient, department or compared to your competitors.

Icon navy Colleagues

9 languages

The platform and its simulations are available in Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Why Phished?

Phished compared

Why should you put your trust in Phished, when there are other options available? Because our platform has some very unique selling points.

Our competitors
Automated simulations
No manual intervention
Our competitors
Spend hours sending out your simulations
Personalisation per recipient
Find everyone's weak spots and reinforce them
Our competitors
Use generic simulations
Phished Academy training
Use microlearnings to make a cyberexpert out of every employee
Our competitors
Narrow focus on cybersecurity
In-depth reporting
Analyse per recipient, function, department, location,...
Our competitors
General reports